About Us

W&W IT solutions provide a diverse range of IT services with cutting-edge mobility solutions to a variety of customers' needs. Our solutions are designed to solve actual operational problems faced by businesses in the most cost-effective way. As new technologies emerge, our team regularly conducts research and testing to develop new and better solutions. Providing professional & quality services to all our clients is of the utmost importance to us. There are 5 types of Categories which provided by W&W solutions:

  • Services
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Software Sales & Products
  • Cloud Practices

Overall, we aim to become a premier IT service company in the market.


  • W&W solutions are committed to enhancing the trustworthy value by strengthening our market position, providing the quality service by expanding our operations and developing strategic core businesses.
  • Increasing security awareness and changing business needs are affecting the way that our strategic core businesses operate.
  • With our integrated offering of services and products, we are well positioned today to respond to the need for innovative and flexible solutions.
  • We constantly explore and research the technology to ensure our Products and solutions to meet the customers' satisfaction.
  • Not only for the goal we achieve but now we deliver the world-class diversity service package with Trust and Integrity to customers


  • Our objective is to leverage our project management and engineering competences to achieve growth by offering our customers new and innovative solutions.
  • Our digital transformation will provide increased customer value and optimised performance.
  • Our growth ambitions are supported by our superior global service network.
  • Our effort is delivery of highly professional, efficient and flexible service and achievement of "win_win" situations with our customers and business partners.

Solutions & Services


W&W Solutions already proven itself in IT service field to deliver and manage network-based services, applications, and equipment to small business, office and other service providers.

Enterprice Solutions

We have built a team of well-qualified and international experienced experts to provide a comprehensive range of technical/solutions consultancy and design, to proof of concept and development.

Website & Application

We offer an effective Web Development Solutions with ranges from basic micro-sites to fully integrated solutions with customized front-end and back-end systems.These systems are well-versed functional and can meet both your budget and deadline concerns at a competitive price.

Software Sales & Products

We have a partnership with one of Asia's biggest distributor, which provides services not only from maintenance and implementation but whenever we are needed. W&W Solutions provides hardware as well as software, up from the smallest scale.

Cloud Practices

We provide cloud and virtual infrastructure consulting services to design the best cloud strategy for you. We implement the best practices of cloud computing whether it is for a new infrastructure design, or migrating an existing infrastructure to the cloud.

Data Solutions
(Data Digitalization & Data Processing)

These solutions had included starting from Data entry , Data Collections, Data warehousing and until reaching to Data Reporting & Analysis solutions .

Our Products

"Our Solutions Development Team Experienced in different levels of IT Solutions andd know the needs of different industries."


The heart of any Voice of the Customer, Employee, and Market Research are featured by Insight Data Analysis & Reporting system. That's why we provide a comprehensive set of solutions for reporting and analysis. Furthermore,we understand that reports and analysis are only valuable if you can share insights with the people who can take action at the right time.
Therefore, beyond reporting and analysis system , we provide sharing data easy with role-specific reports, dashboards, data visualization, and even real-time alerts that are customized to the needs of the recipient.
Project management reporting is complicated and critical process in any organization. Even,it often involves multistage activities. The activities that are involved in management reporting include general documentation, financial control, business presentations and email communications.
The project managers need to treat the information as harvestable data which can be summarized and interpreted using reporting systems.
Therefore, we provide the comprehensive sets of solutions such as Project Status,Resources Workload,Timesheets,Expense Tracking in our system.
Any type of data including meeting data,project data, work-load progress data, office documents, images ,videso are digitalized in order to keep and store it in central database and constructed to re-use at the Data warehouse application.
E leave system is a web-based leave application and approver system. This application provides a total solution for one of the most time consuming areas of leave management.
With the eLeave software, any leave type (annual leave, medical leave, hospitalization leave, child care leave, maternity leave etc) can be approved by respective supervisors, respective department via local or online web-based system.



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